Roof Sheeting and Cladding

One of the prime benefits of the sheeting and cladding systems is the cost-effective application. This is achieved by using quality waterproofing materials such as metal sheeting and cladding which are finished with a variety of protective coatings, Plastisol coating (PVF 2). This system of sheeting and cladding is used in a number of applications, such as refurbishment, renewal and new buildings.

Henley Boat Museum

Jefferies Museum

Larden Road

South End Pier

Plastisol-coated Cladding

To modernise and enhance traditional buildings, providing a weather screen and additional insulation.

  • Visually Enhance your Property
  • Repair your old or damaged structures
  • Use as a Protective Coating for your Walls and Roofs
  • Transform a Drab and Outdated Exterior

Composite Panel

This one-piece product combines a lining sheet, insulation and outer sheet, so it can be quickly and simply fixed on site, providing both high quality and reliability. Today the panels are used for cladding the roofs and walls of many industrial and commercial buildings. To meet with modern building requirements, keep heat loss to a minimum, stop condensation.

Single Skin

Single Skin Roof Sheeting and Wall Sheeting is the cheapest metal roofing option but it is essential that you speak to our Industrial Department to ensure that you meet all relevant British Standards.

Double Skin

Double Skin insulated roof sheeting or wall sheeting reduces condensation and improved thermal efficiency over single skin products.

Overlay Systems

Plastisol Coated Galvanised Sheeting, in a colour to suit, fixed to support brackets and existing roof structure, with Insulation quilt within the cavity, bringing the ā€˜Uā€™ value in line with current Building Regulations.

Experienced in Sheeting and Cladding work:

  • Corus Kal-sip
  • CSCP Bankmans, Slinger/Signaller
  • IPAF Scissor Lift, Self Propelled Boom
  • NVQ level 2 roof Sheeting and Cladding
  • City & Guilds Carpenter

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